Why You Should Have Your Commercial Truck’s Engine Rebuilt

If you have an older commercial truck that has a worn-out or damaged engine, you might feel as if your options are limited. You might even think that you only have one option, which is to completely replace your commercial vehicle engine. However, this is not your only option at all. Commercial truck engines can sometimes be rebuilt, although you'll need to find someone who has commercial engine rebuilding experience in particular. Read More 

What You Should Know About Calling an Auto Wrecker Service When You Have a Junk Car

If you have a junk car that you no longer want, you might consider calling a local auto wrecker service to come and pick up your vehicle for you. After all, many of these companies will come and pick up junk cars and tow them to their own lots, where they might fix them up, resell the parts, or scrap the entire vehicle for junk metal. If you're hoping to call and work with one of these companies soon, these are some of the things that you will probably want to know. Read More 

3 Benefits of Dustless Sandblasting as a Pre-Painting Surface Preparation Technique

Sandblasting is one of the best techniques for removing old paint and rust when preparing a car for a new paint job. It is effective and leaves the surface smooth and ready for renovation. However, auto shops can choose from different sandblasting methods, with most service providers opting for the dustless technique. Dustless sandblasting eliminates the need for sophisticated safety gear since small amounts of dust produced. Nonetheless, dustless sandblasting has many other benefits as a surface preparation technique. Read More 

Spray Painting Your Car Just Like a Pro

While the engine is central to your car's operation, it's the vehicle's bodywork that people see while you're on the road. The paint finish on your car is designed to serve two purposes. First, it provides a surface coating that protects the substrate metal from rust, corrosion, and other outdoor elements. Secondly, it also serves a decorative purpose, giving your car that attractive look that made you purchase it. That said, your car's paint finish isn't designed to last forever. Read More 

Key Techniques Professional Panel Beaters Use to Repair Smashed Vehicles

Car accidents can happen anywhere, not just on roads alone. Some of these accidents are as minor as a broken headlight, while others are as serious as a smashed bonnet or frame. Although a mechanic can do repairs on the former, severe dents can only be taken care of by a panel beater. Auto-repair professionals can restore your car's form by conducting extensive repair work. This article highlights specialised skills that panel beaters use to restore a smashed vehicle. Read More