Solid vs. Metallic: Which Paint Should You Choose for Your Car?

If you want to have your car spray painted, you'll have a myriad of options to choose from. Some people are set on metallic paints, which are essentially just solid paints with a small amount of powered metal added into the mix. They can be great, but that doesn't mean you should discount using solid paints altogether.

There's really no single right answer — you simply have to consider the benefits of each option and work out which one speaks to you.

Why Should You Choose a Metallic Paint?

There are a few advantages that come with metallic paint, but the main reason people choose it is because of the way it looks.  

Those metal particles that are added to the paint will reflect more light than basic solid paint, giving your car an appealing shine and marking it out as something special — this is why many premium vehicles offer metallic paint. It's a seriously cool appearance that often increases resale value, and the variation of colour means that minor damage is quite easily masked. In fact, metallic paint jobs tend to protect against minor damage as well as fading from UV light exposure since more coats need to be applied, creating a more robust surface.

Why Should You Choose Solid Paint?

As you probably already know, the vast majority of cars use solid paint, and there are several reasons for this. Perhaps the most obvious is that not everyone likes the appearance of metallic paint, preferring a more neutral appearance. This will be something to keep in mind when you come to sell — metallic paint can increase a car's value, but it can also make finding a buyer a little harder

Additionally, metallic paint costs a lot more than solid paint, mostly because multiple coats are required to achieve the intended effect. You'll have fewer colours from which to choose, so solid may be a better option if you're looking to have your car sprayed in a slightly unusual colour.

Perhaps most importantly, it's much easier to have scratches, dents, or other minor damage repaired when you use solid paint. Yes, metallic paints will hide minor damage, but they are difficult to match if the vehicle ever needs to be resprayed, and swirl marks commonly show up after repairs have been conducted. This is why body shops can rarely guarantee an exact match. In contrast, even a simple touch-up pen can be used to correct solid paint damage.

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