How To Save Costs When Conducting Smash Repairs

Does your need smash repairs after an accident? In most cases, you might be worried about ballooning repair costs. Nevertheless, you still want your vehicle restored to its original condition. So, how can you save on smash repairs? Below are some insights. Take Advantage of Insurance Coverage Drivers with comprehensive insurance coverage often do not have to worry about smash repairs since the insurance company typically covers repair costs. All they have to do is file a claim with the insurer. Read More 

Common Mistakes to Avoid During Spray Painting Apprenticeship

If you are an apprentice in an auto body garage, you should stick to your supervisor's directives to produce excellent paintwork. However, it is common for apprentices to make mistakes when preparing a car body for spray painting. Unfortunately, such errors often lead to poor-quality spray-painting results, frustrating both supervisors and customers. Thus, you must do everything to avoid car body preparation mistakes since they significantly affect your chances of landing employment or winning clients. Read More