Why Sandblasting Is Perfect Preparation for a Respray

If you've decided to keep your trusty car or truck as you've been particularly happy with its performance over the years, you may nevertheless need to do something about its appearance. Many years on those bumpy roads in your neighbourhood have taken their toll, and the harsh Australian sun has also taken the sheen off the paintwork. You may have been shopping around for some quotes and have been told that you should get the vehicle " Read More 

Hiring a Panel Beater After Your Accident

In an accident, it is assumed that the person you should call for repair is the insurance company. After all, since you have paid the insurance policies, should they not take care of having the car fixed after an accident? However, did you know that you have two options when you have smash repairs to be done? Each of the options is decent, but you should know which one best suits your situation. Read More 

Auto Spray Painting: Three Critical Guidelines for a Professional Finish

If you are thinking about enhancing the appeal of your vehicle by applying a fresh coat of paint, you should consult an auto body and paint technician. Choosing professional spray painting will guarantee a clean, smooth and durable coating. However, if you are a DIY enthusiast and have the right equipment, you can perform the painting process without expert assistance. This choice can help you reduce your expenses and it will deliver a sense of satisfaction. Read More