Why Sandblasting Is Perfect Preparation for a Respray

If you've decided to keep your trusty car or truck as you've been particularly happy with its performance over the years, you may nevertheless need to do something about its appearance. Many years on those bumpy roads in your neighbourhood have taken their toll, and the harsh Australian sun has also taken the sheen off the paintwork. You may have been shopping around for some quotes and have been told that you should get the vehicle "sandblasted" as part of the process. What is involved here, and is it the way to go?

Blasting Away

Many body shop technicians use this process to clean surfaces very efficiently, as they prepare the vehicle for its new coat of paint. Even though the name may suggest otherwise, the process will typically use individual glass beads, walnut shells or pumice instead of sand, but the application is generally the same. These individual materials will be blasted against the surface under high pressure to get rid of any imperfections at the outset.

Dealing with Rust

Sandblasting is particularly good at restoring a vehicle if it has been subject to corrosion. As you know, rust will oxidise the metal while it eats away at the surface and must be removed right at the outset. Once this has been done, the technician can carry out any minor repairs as needed before moving onto the next stage.

Down to Bare Metal

As you may know, there are several coats of paint on your car already, and if the job is to be done properly, then all of these will need to be removed, down to the bare metal. Sandblasting is ideal for this, as it can create a perfectly smooth surface without any bumps or rough spots.

Getting Rid of Oil and Contamination

If the technician needs to get rid of any accumulated oil or contamination from some of the panels underneath the bonnet, sandblasting is the perfect solution. This can be very difficult to get rid of through a manual process and can add a lot of time to the equation. This type of approach will remove the need to use any harsh chemicals, as well.

Better Efficiency

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of sandblasting is its efficiency. The technician will be able to prepare your car as quickly as possible by using this technique to blast away contamination and all the layers of old paint in one go. You may find that this will reduce the total labour time associated with the job, and consequently, bring down your final bill.