Hiring a Panel Beater After Your Accident

In an accident, it is assumed that the person you should call for repair is the insurance company. After all, since you have paid the insurance policies, should they not take care of having the car fixed after an accident? However, did you know that you have two options when you have smash repairs to be done?

Each of the options is decent, but you should know which one best suits your situation. You can go for the insurance auto repair option or call your local panel beaters. Each option comes with its fair share of consequences, so it is vital that you are adequately informed. 

When You Choose a Smash Repairer 

When you call a smash repairer after a crash, you are at an advantage because they will come to the accident site and collect your car and tow it to the workshop. Once safely at the workshop, the will help you arrange for insurance paperwork to see that the insurance company meets the costs of repair. They also ensure that you get to your destination safely while they start repairing your car.

When You Choose Your Insurance Company   

One problem of choosing to call your insurance company to arrange for smash repairs is that they will work with their preferred repairers, and not yours. They refer to them as insurer preferred repairers; however, it does not mean that you are obligated to agree with their decision. You also have a right to choose the repairers you are comfortable working with.

The service you receive from the insurer preferred repairers may not be satisfying or reliable, mostly because of their alignment with the insurance company. Going for an independent repairer will see your car repaired in a manner that will satisfy you as you can supervise the process.

Making a Decision

One of the reasons why you may prefer the insurance company is that you might be frightened of losing your claim. You may also agonize over documentation if you are not sure how to go about it or have never done it before.

However, even if you choose to call the local repairer, documentation should not be a problem because they will help you with the process. They are acquainted with the process of claim settlement and will ensure that delays are avoided by presenting the insurance company with everything they need to see.


If you are involved in an accident and are not sure whether to call the local panel beater or the insurance company, think through your options carefully. Think of how fast you will have your car fixed when you call the insurance versus when you call the repairer. Other factors to consider are the reliability of who you can in helping you fill claim documents.